Hey, if you dig my arts, I´m open for commissions! Yay!

What do you get?
A high res digital file of the character(s) of your choice. Tiff, 400dpi.
You can ask for pretty much anything you like: your characters, known characters, you, whatever!

The prices are:
Black and white: One character u$30.00 . Add u$15 per additional character.  Add u$10 for Background
Color: One character u$50. Add u$25.00 per additional character. Add u$20 for Background

You pay half up front and half after getting it, through paypal.
Turn around time will be about a week.

Some examples of what you could get!

Simple and easy!
So feel free to hit me up through my email (fdopinto at gmail dot com) or through here and let´s get this thing done! 🙂

Thank you!


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