About warpedcomic

This comic is drawn from an apartment in lovely Santiago Chile. This is done while listening to numerous podcasts and rock bands. You rock for checking it out.

Eat Fighter!

On october 6th, my new project Eat Fighter premieres!
It´s a weekly strip for Line Webtoon, Written by Fred VanLente and Crystal Skillman, and drawn and colored by yours truly.
You will be able to read it for free every week on the Line Webtoon site and App!
Check out some of the details for ours and all the other strips coming out in the following weeks HERE!




Marvel Cards!

Hey! I´ve been gone for a bit. Going to try and keep up with this place a bit more in the coming weeks.

To start off, here´s a selection of the Marvel Sketch cards I did for Upper Deck early this year. This was a fuuuuuun gig, and now I can say I got paid to draw Captain America. So there´s also that

Hope you dig it!






Psylocke commission. 9x12in. Ink and marker on Bristol. If you’d like one just drop me a line at fdopinto@gmail.com

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