My books

cover-copyWarped! The adventures of Sandy and Angus.
176 pages – Black and White

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…well it wasn’t THAT long ago, I mean it wasn’t like yesterday or anything…wasn’t like that far away either…wait…let me start over. These are the adventures of Sandy, a smart mouthed girl with a lust for cash, and Angus, a robot in cargo shorts with some anger issues, and how they go through the galaxy doing whatever it takes to make rent on their 3 bedroom spaceship, “The Millenium Trollop”. So get ready for alien mobsters, action, bullets and more action. It’s so awesome you’ll want to punch your mom. – Mature readers –



Sam´s Big Chance
58 pages – Black and White
You can buy it HERE! or get it digitally on from Comixology HERE!

Remember her? Yes her, the one two seats to the left. The one’s whose presence made your day just a little bit better. The one you couldn’t stop thinking about. Her, the one you never told how you felt. What would have happened if you’d done something about it. What would’ve happened if you’d taken a chance. And what would’ve happened if things hadn’t turned out… quite how you planned it. This is an action comedy about a kid taking a chance at love. And having to deal with the fallout of it. Well, no one said teenagers made the best decisions, right?