Warped vol 2 

So, after writing, drawing and coloring most of the first 20 pages of my graphic novel Warped vol 2 “Voyage to the center of the Phil” I decided to scrap everything, rework the story, and start from zero. This is the first page, which I inked while watching Amazing Spiderman again (Way better flick than I remembered btw). So in conclusion, I’m dumb and I should work out my stories better to begin with. #Makecomics #warpedvol2 #dumb

One week!

Hi! We are on the last week of our Kickstarter for Long Ago and Far Away. We are almost there! Thank you so much to everybody that´s checked out supported it and shared it so far. You guys make my nerd heart happy :)
Here´s a video of me answering some questions from de‪#‎LongAgoandFarAway‬ team about the project itself.
Check it out!

Holas! Estamos en la última semana del Kickstarter para Long Ago and Far away. Estamos casi en la meta! Muchas gracias a todos los que nos han apoyado y compartido hasta ahora. Ustedes hacen que mi ñoño corazón se alegre demasiado :)
Acá les dejo un video donde los chicos del team #LongAgoandFarAway me hicieron unas preguntas sobre mi labor y motivaciones para realizar el proyecto (En inglishh eso si)
Échele un vistazo!
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