Savage Dragon 250!

So Issue 250 of #SavageDragon came out today… AND I GOT TO DO A STORY IN IT!!!
Thank you so much to Erik Larsen for letting me play along in such a momentous issue of one of my all time favorite comics!
Hit up your LCS and grab yourself a copy! #makecomics #bucketlist #NCBD

WARPED! Is coming back!

Hey, my GN Warped! is coming back on AUGUST 26th in new edition from the beautiful folks at 215ink.
176 pages of crazy space adventures just for you!
The solicitation reads:
In a world where the future meets the present, watch (and read) how your new favorite ‘heroes,’ the rambunctious (and sometimes annoying) Sandy and Angus (the robot with the cargo shorts), try to make rent on their 2 bedroom spaceship by taking any odd job this side of the galaxy can offer. Follow them as they steal endangered species, meet alien pornstars, face off with intergalactic mobsters, and try to make it home just in time to catch Sudden Death on cable.

Feel like something you’d dig? Tell you local shop to pre order it from previews at this link right HERE