Podría ser peor 34



Me voy de vacaciones, así que la tira de esta semana llegó un poco antes.
De nada, querubines

I´m leaving on vacation this week, so you get the strip a little early.
You´re welcome, my children

Panel 1:
-(Slurring) Arrright less cut the crap.
Iz mah trnn ta dance with her
– Are you drunk?
– Alright, let´s take it easy, champ.
Panel 2:
-What? I came with hrr, and I´m not yer jokey joke guy.
-Why don´t you go home there, buddy?
– Oh God, you´re such an embarrassment!
Panel 3:
– I ain´t gonnowheres! Amma hit choo in the face.
-You need to relax.
– I´m toooootally relaxed, you relax.
– Honey my Dad wanted to ask you…
Panel 4:
No Dialogue.


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