My first year on “The Line”

This past year was my first year as a part of Comics Should be Good’s weekly feature “The Line it is Drawn” where each week we get to do a comicbook related illustration based on the readers twitter suggestions.

It’s been fun as hell and an awesome opportunity to improve as an artist; as well as being a great place to experiment, all while giving me a break from the actual “work” each week.
Here’s most of the pieces I did for it during 2014. Some I’m really happy with, some I think are ok and some are, well, done.

So I just wanted to thank all the CSBG readers for their kick ass suggestions, all of my Line cohorts (Nelson, Chaz, Xum, Rachel, Bill, Axel, Mathieu, Sean, Cynthia, Brendan, Agustin, Nick, Rob, David and Phil… If I missed anybody you get double thanks, and a peck on the cheek next time I see you) and special thanks to Mr. Brian Cronin for letting me be a part of all this.

Happy Holidays to all and here’s to a doodle filled 2015!


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