131: Super 8… part 2

Acá están los protagonistas de la nueva campaña de Super 8, diseñados en conjunto con Francisco Quintana,HErz, Brako, Fisek y Saile.
Son artistas callejeros, pero quizás hay más sobre ellos que aún no sabemos… uuuuuuuuh (emoción).
Puedes echarles un looking a ellos y al Santiago que habitan en Super8.cl o en facebook.com/Super8Cl

Here´s the cast of characters for the ad campaing for Nestle´s Super8 (An awesome candybar) I have been working on over the last few months.
I did Art direction and final illustrations for the campaign. The designs were done in conjuction with a great group of caricaturists and graffity artists from Santiago Chile.
They´re all street performers but there might be more to them than meets the eye…. Ooooooh (Exciting!)
You can check them out, and the world they live in at Super8.cl and at facebook.com/Super8Cl


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