93: Podría ser peor 15

Panel 1:
– Hey man! how´s it going? Long time no see.
– Pretty good man, I just got this new job…
– And how is it? ´cause my last job sucked. My boss was such a dick, but you know me, I know how to handle those types of people…
Panel 2:
Cap: 6 minutes later
– … so this guy tells me I´m totally wrong, but I know my way around those kinda people so it wasn´t easy to get him of his high horse. So I go and tell him…
Panel 3
Cap: 17 minutes later
– … and that was it, everything worked out for me in the end.
Well I gotta bolt, it was great chatting with you.
Don´t be a stranger. See ya!
Panel 4:
– (Low Voice)…yeah, new job´s pretty cool.


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