90: El Reloj del Abuelo (Grandpa´s watch)

Early this year, me and my much-more-talented-than-myself friend Arturo Zegers finished recording a 7 song album under the name “El Reloj del Abuelo” (Grandpa´s Watch).
The album´s name is “Música para no bailar” or ” Music not to dance to”. Catchy, huh?
Anyways, it´s hip hop in the vein of “Idea and Abilities” or “The Streets”, and yes it´s in spanish.
Now I finally got off my ass and put the whole thing online so you all can hear it for free and download the tracks here.
Hopefully you´ll dig it. If not you can ask for your money back 🙂
The image in this post is the full album cover.
That is all 🙂


2 thoughts on “90: El Reloj del Abuelo (Grandpa´s watch)

  1. De casualidad escuche tu disco. Sus simples y honestas composiciones me impulsaron a darte las gracias por ponerlo a disposición.
    Suerte con lo que siga.

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